Back and neck pain causing problems

After countless years of laboring, carrying bricks, and general menial jobs, I’m starting to feel it. I’m not as young as I once was, and I don’t want to spend my retirement years with recurring back problems.

Now I’ve dabbled with the idea of managing my own contractors company before, but it never came to pass, nor did I fully immerse myself in the role. But given that my body is starting to feel the pain of all those years of lifting, it may be a sensible route to take.

That would free up time, and profits may be eaten into to pay staff, but I can’t really put it in front of my well being.

Recently I’ve looked into getting one of the best rated massage chairs on the market, which according to the massage throne website, have terrific functionality and settings built in designed to help your muscles relax and soothe pain.

Many of them come with heat therapy built in, plus roller and air bags at strategic locations for lumbar support.

What I was worried about, was how it would fit in with my current furnishings. But to be honest, the chairs I’ve been looking into do tend to have the appearance of a standard armchair. Externally anyway.

So that’s something I will be looking to purchase over the coming weeks, as a last ditch attempt to see if it can ease up the pain and make a difference in my day to day life. I enjoy doing what I do, so I have my fingers crossed.

If the massaging chairs didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, I will probably see about hiring a masseuse for a few weeks. And if all else fails, It looks as though I will need to hire help around the construction sites.

It’s not a complete loss though, I can focus more on the business side of things and securing clients and deals that I may otherwise be overlooked for.

One things for sure, I don’t have plans to leave the trade anytime soon, and I will do my utmost to stay as healthy as possible, and keeping back pains to a minimum is the first step in being able to do that.

You will find out more about this as I go along, but for the time being, our projects will be put on hold until I sort it all out.