Building and home improvement is my life

Ever since I was a youngster, my father has encouraged me to get into the building trade. I struggled to enjoy most tasks he set me at home, among which was putting up our garden shed, and didn’t find it particularly enjoyable. Mind you, I was only about fourteen at the time, so I would of been preoccupied with other things.

As I got older though, and having taken woodworking classes in school, I discovered I had a natural talent that I didn’t seem to have elsewhere, be it sports or something requiring plenty of brain power like maths.

So by the time I left school, I decided that that was my best chance of earning a decent living from, and I’m thankful to my father and professor for guiding me down that path. It helped me forge the career I enjoy today.

This blog, although related to all thing DIY, is more of a diary of what I’ve been upgrading in my house. I will be using it as a way to keep track of things I did wrong, and how I found a solution to correct my mistakes. With any luck, this will help prevent me from doing the same in the future.

The diary can be found on my home page, with the latest entries talking about the most recent projects I am undertaking and how they turned out.