Other projects in the works

Some other improvements are currently in the works. These include a personal gym, and a complete overhaul of the dining and kitchen, area.

Currently the kitchen area and dining room are walled off, and it doesn’t utilize the space given to it well. We aim to overcome this by knocking down the wall in between them and making it one larger room.

Then, the lifelong ambition of converting our garage into a home gym will be on the cards. We’ve got quite a large driveway that will fit our vehicles, and I often feel like the garage goes to waste. So why not use it?

We will be re plastering the walls, painting them and hanging mirrors on two out of the four. The door will remain to allow cooling air to enter in those hot summer months.

Equipment wise, we shall be looking at getting a rowing machine and an elliptical trainer for sure.

More to come on this shortly. It’s a work in progress.